Product Detail

Series FHS22
Package diameter
Operating Direction
Bushing material
Number of Gangs
Life cycle 10 Million cycles
Switch Option
Detent Option
Temperature ppm/℃
Tolerance ± 0.5%
Shaft material
Life cycle
Operating type rotary
Power rating 0.25v
Lever length
Specification Document download
1.     Contactless rotary angle/position sensor
2.     Long life, over 10 Million cycles
3.     Programmable angular range from 15 to 360 degrees (without dead band).
4.     Simple& Robust magnetic design


Electrical characteristics
Output voltage  0.2SVdc to 4.75Vdc typical (see Voltage Output Codes)
Output current  ±8mA Max
Input voltage  5Vdc±10%
Supply current  ±7.5mA typical 11mA Max.
Independent Linearity  ±0.5% (± 0.25% available)
Output load  10KΩ typical 1KΩ Min
Output temperature characteristics  Within ± 3% Vout/FS
Effective electrical angle  15° to 360° (360° is typical)
Mechanical characteristics
Rotational torque  Within 5mN.m;Within 20mN.m (O-ring seal)
Total rotational angle  360° (Endless)
Push strength  10Kg Min.
Pull strength  10Kg Min.
Shaft material  Stainless steel
Bushing material  Phosphor bronze
Environmental characteristics
Storage temperature -55°C to +125°C
Operating temperature -40°C to +125°C
Rotational life  10 Million cycles Min (With bushing bearing)
Shock  Per MIL R-39023, 6 ms Saw-tooth 100 G's, 18times
Vibration  Per MIL R-39023, 10 G's, 100 to 500 Hz, 12Hrs
ESD  8 KV max. (human body model); 15KV air discharge.
EMI  100V/m, 200MHz~1GHz 
Soldering condition  Manual solder: 350° Max, 3Sec. Max.
IP Grade  IP50 Standard;IP65 Option Available
Exposure at High Temperature  1000 hours at +125°C
Exposure at Low Temperature   24 hours at -50° C

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