Product Detail

Series F11E
Package diameter 11mm
Operating Direction Horizontal Vertical
Bushing material
Number of Gangs
Life cycle 15K
Switch Option Y
Detent Option 15, 20
Temperature ppm/℃
Pulse 15, 20
Shaft material Metal
Life cycle
Operating type
Power rating DC5V,10mA
Lever length
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F11E-S (with Momentary switch) F11E-N (Without Momentary switch)


1.Compact and highly accurate contact type encoder.

2.0.5mm-travel push switch with compliance to 5.9 mm height.

3.Incremental type.

Electrical characteristics
Rated Power  DC 5V 10mA (1mA Min)
Fluttering  t1,t3<3ms
Insulation Resistance  More than 100MΩ at 250V 1mA
Withstand voltage  1 minute at AC 300V 1mA
Sliding Noise (Bounce)  t2<2ms
Phase Difference  >0.08T
Mechanical characteristics
Rotational Torque of Detent 5~35℃)
Total Rotational Angle  360° Continuous
Number and Position of Detent  15 Detents (Angle: 24°±3°); 20 Detents (Angle: 18°±3°)
Push-Pull Strength of shaft  8.0Kgf Min for 10sec.
Bushing & nut tight strength Min
Rotational Life  30,000 Cycles Min
Switch characteristics
Contact resistance  100mΩ Max
Maximum ratings  DC 5V, 10mA (1mA Min)
Insulation Resistance More than 100MΩ at DC 250V,1mA
Withstand Voltage 1 minute at AC 300V,1mA
Travel 0.5±0.4/-0.3mm
Operating Force 600±200gf


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